Mimac machine maxi drop 400
1-MIMAC MACHINE MAXI DROP 400. DROPING MACHINE WITH STATIONARY MOULD AND STATIONARY WIRE CUT FOR SPECIAL BISCUIT COMPUTERIZED DOSING DROPPING MACHINE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF DROPPED BISCUITS AND PASTRIES like choux, macaroons, shortbread biscuits, meringues, almond pastries, sponge cake, etc. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: - Steel and aluminum structure with stainless steel covering, standing model - Computer type LCD with storing up to 199-programs - Roller head for hard pastry with rollers and hopper in stainless steel for trays 400 mm wide - Hopper in stainless steel with capacity 31 liters approx. - Hopper adaptors for soft pastry - Electronic speed variator for dosing unit - Automatic advancement of the trays at electronic control - Automatic starting device - Up and down conveyor movement for product detachment - Electronic adjustment of conveyor height - Device for nozzles rotation at variable speed - Motorized wire cutting device - Voltage 400v/50Hz/three phases EQUIPMENT: - No. 1 rotary mould at 6 exits - No. 6 smooth nozzles in bronze diameter 10 mm - No. 6 grooved nozzles in bronze diameter 10 mm - No. 6 off-center smooth nozzles in plastic - No. 6 off-center grooved nozzles in plastic - No: 1 wire cutting at 6 exits - No: 1 wire cutting frame for mould at 6 exits Mod. MAXI DROP PRO 400

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