We are one of the leading companies specializing in bakery equipment and facilities. We have been existing for 34 years in Saudi Arabia and we are agents for International European companies, which have roots in the baking industry. We have prepared factories and large mechanic bakeries in most areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Arab States.

* Our specialist maintenance team consists of more than 35 engineers spread all over the Kingdom for 24/24 hours.

* We have large stock and available original spare parts for all machines that we sell.

* We contribute in providing appropriate solutions to support our esteemed clients before and after the purchase of equipment; such as: illustrative maps and feasibility by training your labor on how to use the equipment and operate them as required, in addition to many other services.


Customers’ Satisfaction is one of the most important goals that we seek and we look forward to it and which makes us fully responsible. When customers are satisfied with the quality of production and the machines, this means that we are in the right track.


We also believe that in the field of bakeries and bread production; good quality and good reputation are quiet enough to maintain our progress and this is how we look towards our work.

We are very proud of our customers and we wish that you will become one of them.




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