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Rotary oven with 15 and 18 baking trays 

RE AR burner or heating elements

Suitable for any type of bread and pastry products. Thanks to its reduced dimensions, together with a low energy consumption and user friendly function, this oven is perfectly suitable for the small bakeries equirements. The success of this rotary oven is in the quality of the initial design where the design input was to produce ovens made to last over time. Proof of this are the large thicknesses and the quality of the materials used, the large baking chamber, the special route taken by the fumes and the robustness and efficiency of the heat exchanger. This model has rear access to the exchanger. The Junior model for small production levels has a trolley for 15-18 trays. Available in electric, burner gas or gas-oil versions.

Control panel: Electromechanical, Digital or Touch screen

particolare fox 15 open touch 300dpi panettoni

The rack oven FOX with 15 and 18 trays trolley has been designed and built by Logiudice Forni. The company guarantees and certifies that the product is 100% MADE IN ITALY. Rotary ovens are set apart by their extraordinary baking evenness and quality.

The Fox rotary oven is compact and easy to use, equipped upon request with a 15 position baking trolley.

Gas, diesel or electric operating system.

The oven is made entirely of AISI 430 SB stainless steel. Black tempered glass front. Double glass door.

Innovative design heat exchanger located at the back of the oven.

Burner positioned on the roof of the oven (combustion version). Armoured resistances located at the back of the oven (electric version).

Vertical drawer steam generators with cast-iron ball bearings positioned at the back corners of the baking chamber in direct contact with the exchanger and resistances. Steam suction hood complete with extractor.

As standard, rotary oven supplied with bayonet connection for trolley rotation. 15 position baking trolley, can be removed from the baking chamber using the corresponding support trolley.