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Fixed bowl mixers

Fixed bowl spiral mixer, built with respect to the latest standard of design. Its characteristics are: very thick steel structure, 2 motors with 2 speeds, double transmission,electromechanical or digital control panel, temperature probe, solid lid in ABS or stainless steel grid over the bowl. Mounted on wheels. Dough capacity of the bowl from 30 to 300 kg.

Control panel: Electromechanical, Digital or Touch screen

ULCSA electrical panel available upon request

particolare iris touch abs
The IRIS spiral mixer line with fixed bowl has been designed and built by Logiudice Forni. The company guarantees and certifies that the product is 100% MADE IN ITALY.

The mixer has been built using the most advanced manufacturing technologies, combining experience, operating safety, designer style and simplicity of use in a single machine.

The fixed bowl spiral mixer line is available with capacity from 30 to 300 kg of dough.

The machine frame is made of thick steel structural work, treated with liquid paint. The entire structure can be made in stainless steel upon request.

The spiral tool, central column, and bowl are all stainless steel. A bowl scraper is available as an optional tool. ABS bowl protection and stainless steel grille.

The machine houses a two-speed motor both for the spiral tool and for the bowl. A version with upgraded motors for stiff dough is available. The dual relay transmissions always ensure maximum traction and considerable performance in any conditions of use.