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Modular electrical deck ovens

Modus is fast, practical, and easy to use; it’is introduced among the wide range of Logiudice products in order to meet the functional needs of bakeries, pastry shops, pizzerias, and hot spots alike.

Some of its most salient features include quick installation, high-quality materials, compact size, product diversification, and excellent thermal insulation. The configuration of the Modus oven is obtained with a single module, and can be extended to include up to 4 stacked decks (standard), or optionally up to 5. Additional components, like the support and the extractor hood, can also be added at a later time.

Control panel: Digital or Touch screen

Loaders: EASY

lfm 3c touch cavalletto particolare 1110x832

All the Logiudice Forni company’s fifty years of experience are contained within the reduced space and compact form of the new Modus modular electric oven. The modular oven line has been designed and built entirely by the company, who certifies that the product is 100% MADE IN ITALY. Thanks to the uniformity of temperature produced by steam circulation and at high thermal mass, deck ovens are set apart by their extraordinary baking evenness and quality.

The company oversees the entire design, production and testing of the oven processing cycle.

It makes use of its in-house know-how, dictated by the experience of its staff and by the technology of its equipment, using the latest design systems and robotic machinery.

Modus oven configuration varies from one to five modules. The baking chamber is entirely clad in scotch-brite stainless steel. The baking deck is made from refractory cement or stainless steel sheets.

Each module is independent of the others; each has a control panel with separate top and bottom temperature control. The inner chamber working height is 18 cm or 24 cm.

Available upon request with an electrical steam generator set behind the baking chamber, which can also be installed at a later time.

Stainless steel oven support with tray holder structure and installed on wheels.

lfm 2c digit cella particolare 1110x832
lfm modus 4c con supporto

Two glass door proofer with tray holder, steam control and automatic water emission.

The extraction hood is built entirely in scotch-brite stainless steel and can contain a steam filtration system to eliminate condensation.

Considerable modular oven versatility. New components can be added on at any time according to customer need.