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Steam tube deck ovens

This is our traditional oven par excellence with refractory brick channels and isolating cement casing. Ovens raccommended for backing any kind ok bread. Thanks to the even temperature produced by the steam circulation and to the large thermal mass,our annular steam tube ovens are conspicuous for their exceptional evenness and baking quality. Manufactured with 3 and 4 chambers and doors, baking surfaces between 6 m² and 29.5 m². Available in burner gas, gas-oil, solid fuel, biofuel-pellet versions. Loading and unloading can be done with loading peels and racks.

Control panel: Electromechanical or Digital

Loaders: PSA or SIRIO

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The PRIME ring-shaped tube steam deck oven line has been designed and built by Logiudice Forni. The company guarantees and certifies that the product is 100% MADE IN ITALY. Thanks to the uniformity of temperature produced by steam circulation and at high thermal mass, deck ovens are set apart by their extraordinary baking evenness and quality.

The company oversees the entire design, production and testing of the oven processing cycle.

It makes use of its in-house know-how, dictated by the experience of its staff and by the technology of its equipment, using the latest design systems and robotic machinery.

Diesel, gas, wood, bio-fuel, or pellet operated. An electrical chamber built into the oven can also be installed as an option.

35 mm diameter Manesmann tubes with double cross tube. All tubes are treated with paint suitable for high temperatures to ensure durability.

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Flue channels built entirely with refractory bricks. The entire bundle of tubes of the oven is insulated with cement casing, thus guaranteeing excellent thermal inertia.

The steam generators are positioned in direct contact with the hot air flow, guaranteeing abundant steam volume. The same painting used on the tubes is applied to the steam generators.

Refractory cement bottoms are used for product baking. The heat released and spread in the chamber helps the bread take on all the typical characteristics of home-made bread.

Doors on the baking chambers are made of tempered glass with counterweight. Doors opening upward are available upon request.

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