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The SA 40 P HORIZONTAL is a semiautomatic bagging and closing machine for preformed bags for products to be horizontally packaged. It is equipped with bag opener, storage device for preformed bags, conveyor belt, CLIP- or TWISTBAND closing unit. Available with thermosealing of the top of the bag.
It is used for bagging different types of products, such as: “panettone”, cakes, bread loaves, pita bread, products in tray.
The machine can also be assembled in a reclinined position in cases where the product being packaged is very fragile.

Wrapping material: polyethilene, Coextruded, OPP and laminated.
Closing matetial: ALUMINIUM BAND: width 5 / 7 mm., ø 0.60 mm.;
PLASTIC CLIPBAND: width 8 mm., ø 0,60 / 0,70/ 0,80 mm.,
Standard Package Dimensions: Width min.150 – max. 400 mm.; Height: min.200 – max.500 mm.
Maximum production speed: 30 bags/min.
Maximum production speed, with thermosealing head: 15 bags/min.
Installed power: KW 1,5.
Voltage: 380 Volt + T + N.
Operation: electropneumatic
Air consumption: 160 NL (Nl)/Min. a 6 ATM, at peak operation.