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It is the compact solution of kneading machines, nevertheless retaining all the excellent characteristics of this series of machines. It is the most
suitable solution for pizzerias, confectioneries and small bakeries.
– Sound and noiseless (60 dB max), due to its compact mechanics.
– The machine container can be moved forward for an easy emptying.
– The combined rotation of the container and the whisk, characterised by a specially forged shape, results in a more homogeneous and oxygenated dough and with the most ideal temperature.
– An oil bath transformer allows to optimise the mechanics.
– A special grid allows to add any extra amount of ingredients during the preparation itself.
– Space-saving shape.
– 3 protection systems, both active and passive, for complete safety during work, cleaning and maintenance.
– The machine head can be tipped over due to a gas piston, for a safer and easier to control lifting.
– 3 IGF patents were used for this machine.