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The new Stream Classic can be configured with a variety of features; each oven becomes a working tool that is tailor-made to the customer’s needs.

Stream Classic: perfect baking, high performance and compact in size, robust and durable construction. The new oven design allows for quick assembly.

The front position of the heating elements or the heat exchanger allows faster and more immediate maintenance. With this configuration, the oven can also be positioned next to each other or between two walls.


Made of 11 cm thick stainless steel, tempered glass. Robust and resistant, it is internally insulated with rock wool. The anodised aluminium handle, with its original and innovative design, characterises the entire line of rotary ovens, conferring quality and originality.

Electromechanical or digital control panel

With 99 recipes and possibility to set 9 cooking steps each. Daily and weekly programmed switching on.


Standard stainless steel.

Two-speed stainless steel vapour extraction hood

During baking, the motor maintains a constant suction; when the door is opened, however, the suction fan increases in speed and power, ensuring rapid exhausting of the steam coming from the baking chamber.

The hot air flow inside the baking chamber is very important for the success of the final product, which must have a uniform colour and development throughout the trolley. For the 8080, 80100, 80120, 100130 models, adjustable flaps (F1) are fitted in addition to the slots to direct the flow for optimum balance of the baking over the entire trolley surface. (F2)